Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we create Grain Bowls Made Easy?


We created Grain Bowls Made Easy to ignite your interest in cooking, and inspire you to try out new ingredients, and new recipes! We truly believe that cooking is a life skill, and eating food that you made yourself is one of life's greatest pleasures. Being busy is no excuse - when you have the skills and knowledge to produce great food for yourself and your loved ones.


Enjoy your food, and be inspired to cook and eat!


What is Grain Bowls Made Easy?


Grain Bowls Made Easy is an online course created especially for people who have always wanted to cook, but never knew where to start; it guides you through the process of how to cook simple, delicious meals from start to finish.


As cooking is so diverse, Grain Bowls were chosen as a starting point as we feel they are simple enough to be made easily, and versatile enough that there can be endless combinations for you to try!


So the course is only for beginners?


Inside the course, there are also numerous tips and tricks for more experienced cooks. Our easy reference guides will help when deciding what temperatures to use for cooking different types of foods. We will also introduce a systematic approach to preparing your meals, which will help you save time. Not forgetting our custom meal planner that helps you in planning what to eat for the rest of the week!


Custom Meal Planner?


Yup! Our custom meal planner was specially created for those days when you know you need to prepare food for the week, but have no inspiration on what to make. It will help you plan out your meals, depending on your food preferences, and days of the week you want to eat. It's pretty neat! 


What can't it do?


Unfortunately, while our custom meal planner is great at planning your meals, you'd still have to make them yourself.. On the upside you do get to enjoy your meals, and if you're a busy executive or gym goer, it saves you the hassle of thinking about what to eat over lunch/dinner.


Faster meals (that aren't fast food) = more free time!


What will I learn from the course?


In the course, some of the things you'll learn include:


1) Pantry Essentials

2) Kitchen Equipment Essentials

3) Food Essentials

4) Basic Food Hygiene

5) Beginner Knife Skills

6) Beginner Cooking Skills

7) Putting it all together

8) Storage and food safety

9) Washing up


And much more! The above is just a brief overview of what's in store for you.


Is all the content online?


Yes! This course is exclusively online-based, so you can view it anytime, at your leisure. 


What is in the course?


Step by step videos, tutorials, guides on cooking the most popular foods, and storage guidelines. We've also included some tips on washing up, and various ways to change up your grain bowl game so your meals are always interesting!


What is NOT in the course?


First aid. There is always a risk in cooking. However, good technique helps minimise injuries. While we really wanted to include some basic first aid in this course, various constraints prevented us from including it. We hope to add them in a future update!



Does the course only teach you how to make Grain Bowls?


Grain bowls here are just the starting point for you to ease into cooking. Why? Because they are all-in-one meals and can be as complex, or as easy as you like! Think quinoa, roast chicken and fresh salad; all vegetarian? No problem! Eliminate the meat and swap in tofu. Feel like something more filling? Swap the salad for brown rice!


Grain bowls can also be easily stored for eating later in the week (yup! that's called meal prep!).


We envision this course to be like the food version of a lego starter kit - we will give you the basic blocks and guide on how to make a nice house. As you get more pieces and more creative, the sky's the limit!


Is this course subscription based?


No, it is a one-time payment with no recurring deductions.


What if I don't like it?


We've spent countless hours researching, filming, recipe testing and tasting to bring Grain Bowls Made Easy to you. If you have tried the course and don't love it, write in to us and let us know within 14 days. We will give you a full refund. Guaranteed. 


We are however constantly seeking to improve this course and website, so we would appreciate your feedback as to why you felt the course did not meet your needs.


How long will the course take?


The full content takes an average of 2 weeks to go through (Based on watching of videos, and hands-on cooking). However, this may vary based on your experience. For example, if you decide to replay videos while actively cooking. 


As this is a cooking course, practical experience would be the most effective way to learn and get better. So we do encourage you to slowly go through the content, and try your hands at cooking the dishes in this course. Enjoy the process! You will be better off for trying. 


Awesome! Where do I sign up?


To manage the quality of support, at the moment Grain Bowls Made Easy is available on limited release. The next sign-up date is at the end of September 2018. 


If you are interested in knowing when this course will be made available, you may sign up for our mailing list here.










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